Now Available for a street near you!

We are glad to announce the Avenue Trikes “1st Ave” have arrived!
They are a rich deep blue.

Avenue trikes - designed so you can enjoy riding again!

At Avenue Trikes we design rugged trikes then price them for casual riders. We include the features you will want when you become a more serious rider.  Start with a rugged CroMoly frame, add a breathable, padded mesh seat, give it 24 speeds and dual disk brakes to get up and down hills and top it off with dual parking brakes and you have an unbeatable package for under $1500.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I love my new Avenue Trike! The seat is the perfect height and is super stable to ride. Thanks so much for making the exchange possible!

I’ve ridden my Avenue trike almost 5,000 miles now and I still love it. I rode it 4,160 miles in 2017 and nearly 800 miles so far in 2018. Most of my miles have been along the Erie Canal, about evenly divided between pavement and stone dust.

My Avenue appears to be very sturdy. My first ride was about 8 miles on a smooth paved trail around a lake and the trike was a real pleasure.

Standard Features on the Avenue Trikes “First Ave”

  • 14” High seat and easy reach handlebars so you can easily get on and off
  • 300lb weight limit
  • 24 speed derailleurs and convenient twist shifters
  • Chromoly frame designed for handling and pedaling efficiency
  • The mesh seat is breathable and padded for maximum comfort
  • Avid BB5 Disc brakes and parking brake function
  • The seat and frame both adjust to fit riders from ~5’2” to ~6’6”

All this for $1495 and our trikes are fully assembled, adjusted and test ridden before being sent to a customer

What is a Tadpole Trike?

Tadpole trikes have two front wheels for steering and one rear drive wheel.

Tadpole trikes are popular because they are smaller, and usually lighter, faster and sportier than delta trikes.

But mostly tadpole trikes are more fun to ride!

Avenue Trike Reflections